Ole Miss Dental School

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I don't have much good to say about it. It's cheap though

I did my undergrad at Ole Miss and I never was impressed by their Dental School. It just seemed outdated for the most part and I just didn't feel at home there. My sister went to Med School there and really enjoyed the program, so it's by the person I guess.


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Jan 21, 2005
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i will be attending UofMiss. dental school in the fall and work at the university now. i have a very good impression of the school..... the facilities are excellent, small class size is a real benefit, faculty members seem to truely care about students and make sure they are getting great training, and last but not least....not being 200+K in debt after school will be a great way to begin your career. jackson, ms might not be the greatest city, but you will receive an excellent education. the large patient pool will provide opportunity for a great clinical education.

i guess it all does depend on the person, but don't let your decision be based on other people's opinions....go where you feel you will receive the best education for YOU!
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