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OMFS and Dental Lab grades


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Feb 21, 2009
  1. Dental Student
    Alright, let me preface by saying I actually did try to search for similar threads and didnt get much love and i didnt have the patience to go through all the pages...

    So basically, im interested in oral surgery...have a 90 on part I, am doing a MPH, will be published in the omfs clinics of north america for bone engineering rsch and went to a solid undergrad (top 25) with a B science gpa.

    My rank is crap...top 30%....I was top 20% until I went through dentures and fpd lab, but with a 3.9 basic science gpa, but a 2.9 lab gpa, somewhat worried about applying to omfs programs and not being interviewed simply because I do not meet basic rank cut-offs.

    Just wanted to see any people whovebeen through the process/residents, etc who can give me any insight/thoughts, etc. thanks
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