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Nov 28, 2006
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Hey Everybody!

I applied and got an interview at Detroit Recieving Hospital for OMFS, and would really like to know some more information about the program. I set up a post earlier, but did not recieve any replies. If there is anyone that knows about the program, (residents, past externs, ANYONE) I would really appreciate it. Here's my questions:

- What are the faculty like?
- At the end of your time, do you feel like there is anything you wish you could have done more of?
- What is the residency lifestyle like? I know it's hard, but are I'm talking more about how the residents get along, what the lifestyle is like in Detroit, how the Med School experience is, etc.

I know it's very broad, but ANY information would be appreciated.

Also, on the interview trail I heard some information about changes in the program that happened in the past, and any info on that would be appreciated as well.

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