Oms1, Amboss membership alone vs amboss + qbank vs school resources.

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Nov 30, 2020
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Hello I'm debating on whether this would be beneficial to get right now. I'm planning on using uworld for board prep in the summer, but would the amboss questions be good for building the foundation to maximize how well uworld will prep me? I'm kind of worried about how well I'm being prepared for comlex/step 1. If ones school doesn't prepare them for boards well would starting board prep be fine in the summer between years 1 and 2?

I'm doing pretty well in school, and my grades will likely take a hit because I'll be focusing on the qbank but I'm wondering if this is better in the long run. While I'm doing well I feel like I'm not actually learning the material to the extent I would need for boards.

I do have to be careful with how I spend my loans so that's why I'm so hesitant about just getting it.

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you dont need to study for pf boards realistically until the winter break before, but amboss is pretty good to learn from
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Amboss questions are overkill. Hard, very broad scope. I initially got them to use as a Q bank during clinic without "messing up" my UWorld. Now I just use UWorld and will use Amboss once I run out of UWorld. I wouldn't really recommend it to the average student. Maybe someone who wants to really excel.
I find it incredibly helpful for my pathology exams as it highlights the key points for each disorder as well as a summary of the pathophys. While the questions are hard, I've been using it as a throw away bank to use before switching to uworld closer to dedicated.