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Jan 23, 2008
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Greetings to all!

For those of you who already took COMLEX Step 1, I really need your advice and recommendation for the following.

1. Regarding OMT study guide, I didn't see any study guide to compare with. I tried to search online aswell as in book store, I just found:
1.Comlex Review: Clinical Anatomy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine by: Rupen and Naishadh
2. First Aid for COMLEX step 1
3. OMM step 1 recall
I have also looked one mentioned in this site called: OMT Review by Robert G. Savarese. Offcourse, I didn't looked it and I don't even know where I can get it. I didn't find it in book store. So, I'm really wondering if you share me your thought on these guides or any other guide/s that you recommend.

Again, which question book/bank you recomend for COMLEX step 1. I read in the discussion Qbank but which Qbank refering to: Is that Kaplan COMPLEX Step 1 Qbank or Kaplan USMLE step 1 Qbank or USMLE World or other. Which one you recomend.

I have the following list so far: But didn't buy yet, waiting your feedback

First Aid USMLE step 1
BRS Physiology
BRS pathology
Rapid Review Pathology_Goljan
Clinical Micro Made Red. Simple
High-Yield: Neuroanatomy
High-Yield: Behavioral Science
High-Yield: Immuniology
High-Yield : Embriology
High-Yield Cell and molecular biology
Pharmacology Flash Cards by:Brenner
First Aid Cases for USMLE step 1?
First Aid Q & A for USMLE Step 1?
First Aid for the Comlex Step 1?
Those of you before us:please please comment these list and tell us what you really recomend or you can use or read if you take COMLEX Step 1 again! Please Please.

Thanks a lot a head of time for sharing your experience and thought.

I have also posted this on Step 1 FAQ section.

Thanks again.



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