One Biology Course for MCAT but which?


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Dec 3, 2003
    Okay so it looks like my schedule is only going to fit one biology class, possibly two. I got credit for AP bio but that was senior year high school, it may come back to me a bit, but I'm not counting on much. Which biology class do you think would be the best to help on the MCAT since that is my main motivation for taking it?


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    Jul 30, 2003
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      everyone will probably tell you 'genetics,' which is a good answer, but i think a more high-yield bio topic would be a course in human physiology. i say this because most genetics classes are "either-or" propositions in that they either teach you the molecular aspect, or the population/computational aspect. why take a class that will likely only teach you half of one sub-topic? with human physiology, you'll probably get some endocrinology, some renal, some digestive, some reproductive, etc.....way better bang for your tuition buck, if you ask me.
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      Nov 3, 2002
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        Genetics would be a good class to take especially since the MCAT is heading towards more DNA/molecular biology questions and less organic.

        I think biochemistry is an excellent class to take for the MCAT. The MCAT loves to test on pathways and you get all of that in biochem. If your school offers a survey course in biochem, I would recommend taking that.

        Again, none of these classes are truly necessary because the MCAT is supposed to test on "intro biology".


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        May 8, 2003
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          You WILL see passages on species other than humans.

          Well, I make this sound's not. My comparative animal phys class was just the most helpful one for me. Taking a genetics class isn't necessary, but reviewing mol gen definitely is.

          Take whichever would hold your interest most. You want to avoid burnout.



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          Oct 20, 2003
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            I'm sure you already know that you need to take both intro biology courses, which are prereq's. I was told that the mcat is mostly testing basic level bio and anything beyond that can be extracted from the passages! it's rediculous to take unecessary courses when you can spend time in needed courses. just my .02 cents!!!!
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