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one major question


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Aug 7, 2005

    I am in the process of deciding between med and dent.

    I love all the aspects of dent.
    I consider myself as a family/friend person and I would like a job where it's fullfilling and at the same time allow me to spend time with family/friend. I shadowed dentists for quite some time and I think what they do is great. I think I see myself very happy as a dentist.
    But there's just this one thing that draws me back and make me consider medicine.
    That is the hand skill.
    I am not confident in hand skill and a lot of times I see my hand/fingers shaking and can't seem to hold still. This really makes me worry if I will be a great dentist because manual dexterity is required for being a good dentist. Should this prevent me from pursuing dent?
    Or am I being too worried when it's not something to worry about?

    If I am not confident in hand skill, people might ask me how I could like dentistry. I like all the aspects of dent except this and it's just that I am worried about hand skill. As you know, sometimes what u wanna do doesn't coincide with the skill you have.

    Any input or opinion, I would appreciate.
    I am really agonizing over what I should do (med or dent)
    and for dent, the hand skill is the only aspect I am worried about.
    But then the hand skill might be a big factor.
    And thus I am still having a hard time deciding.


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    Nov 27, 2005
      you can always improve your manual dexterity-thats what the first 2 yrs of dental school involve anyway! just like any other hobby, ballet, piano, sports, etc., you suck at first. you work on it and you improve. hand skills are no different. dont let this stop you from what you want to do, you will just need to work extra hard during your pre-clinic courses.
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