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one quarter o-chem lab and one quarter physics lab


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Jan 22, 2004
Irvine, CA
    hi everyone,

    i think this question was posted before, but i need to know this:

    at my school, one quarter of o-chem lab and one quarter of physics lab is not required to take as a bio major. however, dental schools i heard require "one year of o-chem lab" and "one year of physics lab". so does that mean i really need to take that quarter of ochem/physics lab?

    the reason i ask this is cuz all my friends who wanna go to medschool don't need to, whereas i as pre-dental need to? that would be weird..... :confused:


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    Apr 19, 2004
      actually, let me answer this for you since im in ohio state. in physics all our physics courses already consist of labs, so we don't even have the option of taking physics without a lab. But with chem though, heres the thing, im not sure about the rest of dental schools, but osu dental school, u don't have to take any labs for that. its just Orgo 1, and Orgo 2, and u dont have to take orgo 3. Semester people won't know what im talking about, but this is how OSU is. with physics though, u only have to take physics 1 with lab, and physics 2 with lab, but you dont have to take physics 3. that all i know, i hope this helps...

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