One year MBA programs

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Mar 17, 2006
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Hello... I am planning on taking a year off between 4th year/graduating medical school and beginning residency. I'm thinking about getting an MBA during that year, and was wondering if anyone knew of any schools that would offer a one year program (esp for applicants with an md). Thanks!

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Bad ones like Cornell, Columbia, Emory, and Northwestern (Kellogg).

Couple top tens, and all top 50s.
Thanks for the replies :)

Just curious... why are these schools considered "bad?"
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Ok, hold up. Sometimes if you have graduate program, schools will use this towards your "elective requirements" which allows joint degree MD/MBA or ANYTHING/MBA graduate usually within 12-16 months.

I'd suggest to see if you school has any affiliations, if not maybe some schools in the area would be willing to work with you.