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Organic chemist
5+ Year Member
Mar 16, 2010
Hey SDN,

My name is James and I'm a frequent contributor to the MCAT Q&A forums on organic chemistry as "orgohacks".
I tutor organic chemistry online through Skype video. Online tutoring
might strike you as a little unconventional, but believe it or not it works really well. It's extremely convenient. You could work with me from wherever your computer is, at any time that is convenient for you - it's as easy as making a phone call, and I tutor through my webcam and a whiteboard.
I'm extremely qualified in the subject - as a organic chemist, I worked
with some of the best in the world at MIT - but am still down to earth
and friendly. Over the past few months I've worked with students all
over America, from community colleges to Ivy leagues. I really enjoy
tutoring organic chemistry and I've even put hundreds of hours into a
developing a website, "Master Organic Chemistry" that is devoted to
making organic chemistry easier to understand. (I don't tutor anything
except organic chemistry)
I always offer a free introductory first session so that you can see
exactly what she'd be getting by working with me online. If at that
point you decide that online tutoring is not for you - no worries! I
would never want to have a student who isn't 100% satisfied with the
service I provide.
After the first session I usually charge $30 an hour, but if it ends
up being a longer term commitment we can probably negotiate something.

My website is

Please send me a PM or write me at [email protected] if you'd like more information about my service or if you'd be interested in a free session.
best, James

PS - Here's some nice things some recent students said about me:

My experience with organic definitely changed once I started tutoring
with James. I was seriously struggling with some of the earlier
material. After a few sessions the material really began to click.
James was able to really help me breakdown the course into smaller more
manageable pieces. This was especially important the second semester
when the amount of material becomes so vast. He could also explain
anything in the course more clearly because he has the knowledge of an
expert chemist. With James' help I was able to raise my first semester
grade to an A- and get an A second semester. I couldn't have done it
without him. - Michael, NYC

In particular, the Skype angle turned out to to be better than
one-on-one, in my opinion.
Who really wants to sit in a coffee shop and have people eavesdrop on
their tutoring session?
And you have to go out, pay money for "coffee", and look presentable.
How much better it must be to meet your tutor via Skype, with a tutor
who knows the medium and how to deal with its shortcomings and take
advantage of its strengths?
And the price? Too good to be true. Mark, Boston

"Working with James was a true pleasure. He was instrumental in
helping me conquer Organic Chemistry and appreciate the material. I
work full-time and was taking the course at night, thus the
flexibility of the online tutoring was extremely convenient and his
rates were very affordable for a student budget. I would highly
recommend James - he certainly taught me more about Organic than my
class instructor." Mike D. - Virginia