Jan 8, 2014
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Morning all! I am taking the MCAT on April 24th. Just starting my studying and was hoping to see if anybody could recommend any online study material. Really looking for tons of practice questions, quizzes, and/or flash cards to access on my computer rather than lugging around 20lb text books.

Also, was really hoping there would be some good apps out there but my search has resulted in very little. Ran across a few things but was not very impressed. Any good apps for iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc?

I plan on using the EK books for the most part but again, was hoping to supplement with electronic study materials as well. Might as well explore all resources, right? Thanks!


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Nov 19, 2008
quizlet has an app. you can make your own notecards use shared ones.

there are 2 sites that send you an mcat question a day to your email, and you can go back to old questions
-Kaplan mcat question a day
-mcat question of the day

there is one app that gives you a question a day, and you can go back to old questions
-mcat question a day