Jul 1, 2014
I was hoping to get some opinions about the level of detail in onlinemeded. Specifically, I'm curious about how well it covers the material in clerkship shelf exams. Is it in-depth enough to use as a replacement for the "popular" text resources such as case files/blueprints? Would using it in conjunction with UWorld be sufficient to honor a shelf exam?


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Jun 7, 2010
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I love their videos but haven't used their other materials.

The truth is there is no singular comprehensive source you can actually cover in the time you have. My suggestion that let me honor everything easily: complete ALL of at least TWO different question sources, plus UWorld. Doesn't really matter which ones so long as you pick 2 and finish them. I liked Pre-Test and Lange Q&A, but others would work find too.

The only exception is for IM in which case you should strive to get through all of UWorld first plus a second pass of your incorrects before doing another source. This is simply due to the volume and quality of IM questions in the UWorld product.

Finishing whatever sources you pick is key though. I see a lot of people struggle who say they are using XYZ sources, but on deeper questioning, they never actually finished any of them. You really want to expose yourself to as many highly testable points as possible. Two complete sources should do this for you.
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Aug 1, 2015
It depends. The usefulness of OME ranges from meh to being essentially all I used for shelf prep. I felt like medicine, surgery, and ob/gyn were all clutch. The medicine videos plus notes ($70) were all I used for the medicine shelf since I was on a really busy service and didn't have time to plow through SUTM. I did well enough to honor but YMMV. I had to supplement surgery with pestana and ob/gyn with kaplan... but there is a very solid foundation presented in those videos. Psych wasn't enough when I went through it (Sept/Oct 2014) but new content has since been added to beef it up. It looks legit now that I'm going through it for CK prep. Neuro definitely wasn't enough enough, but that shelf is a total nightmare that no one dedicated resource covers well. I skipped the peds videos, so I can't comment on their usefulness.

Keep in mind that I'm not someone who learns by plunging directly into all questions all the time. So unlike most people on this forum, questions weren't the predominating resource in my shelf preparation. I created a framework for my understanding with the OME videos and then did all the Uworld questions during the last 2-3 weeks of the rotation. It worked for me, but I'm beginning to think I'm in the minority with my preparation choices.


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Oct 7, 2012
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I've heard so many iffy things about using books for step 2 (no definitive good resource, like step 1) so I just used uworld, OME, and uptodate. Worked out well. I think. Don't have score yet.
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