hey guys, yet another questions from the saiyagirl.

All this time I have been writing on amcas and my secondaries that i have not previously applied to med school. I completely forgot that I had applied to my state school as a sophomore through an "early assurance" program. (i didn't get in--it was a big fiasco--long story). I did NOT go through amcas or anything like that, but the application was a simple secondary-type thing.

I literally JUST remembered this, i know, how stupid.

should i correct this on my secondaries?
does this count as applying to med school, since it wasn't a traditional application, but an early assurance thing, and didn't go through amcas?


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May 16, 2002
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I had the same question but I was told that "applying before" really means through AMCAS.
So i put no on all of them even though I applied to a couple BA/MDs.

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May 26, 2002
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this is both of your guys's first time applying

those other programs didn't count

that question is meant for going through the AMCAS/secondary process...that's what they mean.

Although...if you withdraw your application before the secondaries come in, I dunno what you'd say to that...but that's a different matter in itself.
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