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Open FM PGY-2 spot at Kaiser-Sunset


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Dec 4, 2002
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    i'm leaving for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the program itself. it's a great program with a strong reputation, strong residents and pretty intensive inpatient (and outpt) learning experience. you can't beat the location. it is the largest Kaiser hospital, a tertiary care center, virtually all of your pts have insurance, the EMR allows you to read medical records from anywhere within the Kaiser system, we are well respected in the hospital, ancillary staff is very supportive, radiology studies and consults get done fairly quickly. we get lots of medical students rotating through including usc and ucla. other pluses: the new hospital will be opening soon, they pay for step 3, your dea and ca license app fee!

    i am very sad to leave. my current co-interns are amazing to work with and they deserve a great replacement.

    if you are seriously interested in the spot, you should contact the program ASAP before they fill it. start date is july 1, but orientation is in june.
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