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Discussion in 'Military Medicine' started by hosskp1, Nov 22, 2005.

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    At the present time, I am a GMO and a Captain serving as a Brigade Surgeon for one of the Army's Newly transitioned Unit of action/ Brigade Combat Team. It is an armor brigade- I would rather not say which one. Is anyone else out there serving in a staff officer/ supervisory role for PA's and MEdics?
    Anyone out there dealing with MEDPROS? I am one of only 3 doctors in the Brigade with the other 2 being in the Support batallion (even though one is a MAJ, I still out rank him by position). All the other 5 BN have PA's- that I supervise. I have really enjoyed my time in it, but I am going back to residency training ASAP. IS anyone going through this right now? What have been the experiences out there?After I finish a residency and before I go back to Fellowship, I would like to do this kind of job in the Special Operations world. Has anyone gone this route? ANy feedback would be appreciated.
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    Not a veteran of that route, but I've spent time in the community, and considered going back as an MD (currently an MS4 now). My decision on residency has, unfortunatly, precluded that from the future. A trade-off, to be sure.

    FP or EM* are pretty much your two choices. I know there have been some general medicine folks in the past, but the impression I got was that will not be too common in the future. Ranger Bns _used_ to _say_ Peds was an option since a good chunk of your troops are <20-21, and act much younger (kidding, guys!.... Uh, guys? Really, I didn't mean it....), unsure if that will continue to be so in the future.

    Plan on contacting the USASOC / USASFC command surgeon (I believe it's the same person) about a year or two before graduating your residency.

    Understand, of course, that things change, special operations has (I believe) gotten more popular with MDs, so it might not be as easy to get a job there as it used to be. Contact the command surgeon for more info - even if you're still farther out, he can give you a better idea of what the future might hold. The same guy's been in that job for quite awhile now, he's very approachable, and should be able to answer your questions.

    Rich L

    * if you do EM as a residency, be prepared to still do alot of FP-type sick call & clinic hours and very little ED work.

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