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Jul 17, 2000
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I was just wondering if optoms expanding scope is likely to cut into specialties like Peds Ophtho, Retina, or Oculoplastics... I think this would be really insane but I am not sure just how far they have gone in states like OK.

One other questions, how difficult is it to enter an oculoplastics fellowship; I have heard that for retina about 2/3rds get in.

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Jun 28, 2001
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Optometric scope expansion is a big concern. Every practicing ophthalmologist and every resident should be aware of this and contribute to stopping this process as much as they can. If you follow John Doe's posts you should know that they are proceeding with the next legal step to allow optometrists to perform intraocular and laser surgical procedures in OK. Do not be fooled for a second, optometrists in every other state are watching this process very closely and are starting scope expansion grass roots compaines in their states. I recently spoke with a friend from my medical school class whose father is an optometrist and an active member of a political lobby effort to get optometrists surgical rights in California. California?! There are more ophthalmologists in this state then in most mid-western states combined. How are they going to argue the access to care angle there? We just have to wait and see.

In regards to the 2nd part of your question- you should do a thread search. Competitiveness of both retina and oculoplastics has been discussed before.