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May 30, 2002
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have anybody gone through medrev mcqs? plz tell how they are. Thanks in advance


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May 31, 2002
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Uh, did you read the message titled "medrevu" started by volvulus? It already has 6 replies.

I've signed up for both Q-bank and medrevu. I've done about 800 questions from Q-bank and 400 questions from medrevu.

Here's some reasons why to choose q-bank over medrevu

1) q-bank has a much better interface that's more flexible and user friendly
2) q-bank allows you to look at "old" questions or questions you got wrong. Medrevu doesn't. Once you do a question, you can never see it again!
3) medrevu is unstable. I've had a lot problems with it. They told me to switch browsers. Funny thing is it will work one day and then not work.
4) q-bank has better questions by far. medrevu is extremely picky and detail oriented.
5) q-bank has concise well organized explanations.
medrevu has long-winded and convoluted explanations.

I think that's enough reasons. go with q-bank.
Besides 2100 questions is more than enough. don't try to sign up for both like I did. I don't think I can even finish all of q-bank's questions.
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