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Apr 16, 2016
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Hello everyone.

I was looking into purchasing a pair of flip-up loupes. I was curious if anyone had opinions on the SurgiTel compact 3.0 (I tried out the micro and the field of vision was a bit small which turned me off) flip-up loupes mounted on an Oakley Radar frame or the Q-Optics 3.0 flip-up loupes mounted on the titanium Eclipse frame. I was trying to pick the better loupes to purchase.

I was specifically looking to see if there was a significant difference in the depth of field...the sales rep had told me the depth of field for Q-Optics was about 3.5" (he emailed this to me but I couldn't find this in any of the literature or websites) which seems a lot smaller since I had seen SurgiTel's was about 5-8". I didn't know if anyone had experience with Q-Optics flip ups and could confirm if the depth of field is that small? Would this difference be a game changeR?

Are both of these loupes clear with respect to optical quality (I wasn't sure if one was considered "clearer" than the other)?

I was also curious about the durability of the frame styles over the years since I know Q-Optics has titanium frames vs. the plastic Oakley frames with SurgiTel. I didn't know specifically if the Oakley frames were prone to breaking or hold up well as long as you don't, say, run them over with your chair (a more extreme scenario).

Can anyone comment on how the loupes feel with respect to weight distribution?

I know SurgiTel claims that Oakley has the 3 point fit meaning that it distributes the weight over the nose bridge and the ears as well equally. I see Q-Optics has a similar design with the Eclipse frame, but they don't make a similar claim. I was wondering if anyone who had the Q-Optics Eclipse flip-up loupes could comment on if the weight is only on the nose or distributed between the nose and ears (throughout the face)?

If anyone has any input on either of these flip-up loupes I would love to hear your opinions and feedback. Thank you very much.
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Apr 13, 2010
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I don't recommend flip-ups. Constant flipping causes screws to loosen up and you may not be able to return them to an optimal position
If you still want to go for it, plastic frames are more comfortable in my opinion
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