Opinions Bryn Mawr Vs. Goucher

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Dec 28, 2021
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I am heavily leaning towards Goucher. I loved how supportive and genuine everyone was and it seemed like they have very thorough advising. However I wanted to get others inputs who have attended the programs or know more about them. I have read a lot of the old threads but wanted to see what recent students think. Are my perceptions of the program accurate? how did you all make the decision? General thoughts?

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Hi! I was deciding between Goucher and bryn mawr too! I decided on Goucher because the administration seemed more interested in helping me succeed (likely because of the smaller class size) and when I did the student meet ups the Goucher students felt more mature and grounded then the ones I met at Bryn Mawr. I am sure both programs are great though! PM me if you want to chat!
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