Opinions: DIT / Online MedEd / USMLE-Rx best for added CK prep to UW if gaps in general knowledge?

Sep 13, 2015
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I had a medical leave of absence for nearly a year and just getting back to hopefully take step 2ck in about 50 days. I'm going to apply a few weeks into October for ERAS so that I can schedule interviews hopefully after the results come and to apply to more programs after I get the results (planning on IM). Step 1 was a long time ago and I got a 214 on that and so I'm hoping to at least get to a 230 on Step 2CK. My Step 2CS is scheduled for December.

I took NBME 4 online to see where I stood after M3 and it was not good (170's).

I've been reading the new exam experiences from the CK thread here and not sure what to do now. From anyone has a good grasp of some of these newer study courses, chime in on what's best to fill those knowledge gaps.

I don't mind spending the money to one of these options (e.g. DIT, OnlinemedEd, Usmle-RX). I am surely going to do Uworld but I'm not sure if first aid or the master the boards books or secrets will rectify those gaps better than a course I can effectively complete in that time period; while in parallel... doing Uworld questions.

Time for CK : 50 days, NBME 4 starting (170's). Uworld : have not started, was on medical leave of absence for ~1 year after MS3.

option 1 : 2 question banks (e.g. Uworld + Usmle Rx) + MTB 2CK? + Secrets?
option 2 : DIT + step up to step 2 + Uworld
option 3 : OnlineMeded videos + Uworld + MTB 2CK? + Secrets?
option 4 : DIT + step up to step 2 + OnlineMeded videos + Uworld?
option 5 : MKSAP 5, Lange Psych Q&A, Pretest Peds, Pestana + Uwise + Uworld?
option 6 : ? something else or a modification of the above?

I'm not sure if option 5 can be all done or if it's not focused enough for Step 2CK. I haven't touched anything from MS3 in so so long.

Thanks so much! I lost touch with a lot of my senior classmates and have just been skimming this community to see what's up. Any guidance would be awesome!
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Jul 31, 2007
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Start with onlinemeded. For surgery do pestana. For medicine you can read through MTB for a basis. First aid for psych for psychiatry. Then Uworld. Wouldn't bother with step up series.
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