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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by sandhar, Feb 14, 2001.

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    Nov 29, 2000
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    My overall GPA 3.16
    science GPA 3.17
    I started my undergraduate in a nearby community college. a month or two
    into the program, my mothere got diagnosed with cancer. And my rocky life
    began from there. I had to cut down on the courses, because i had to take
    care of her as her condition started to get worse. My dad had to work to
    support the family. I had to take my mother to hospitals once or twice a
    weak. I was like a home nurse to her. I did everything from giving her
    medication, injections and watching her diet. Unfortunately, my school
    involvement started to diminish. I did my ist year in a span of two years in
    coomunity college witha overall GPA of 2.8.

    Then I started my university career, My mother started to do better. (WAS
    CURED). i started to focus more on school, and i got the results. My GPA started to improve dramatically.
    Unfortunately , year into university, my mothers cancer came back and she
    did not make it. I had to get a job as well to help out around the house.

    My undergraduate years, is one that i will remember my entire life.
    I am very interested in osteopathy medicine,
    I am shadowing a DO.
    I also volunteer at hospital and as well as at preschool for children with
    special needs.
    I have gotten a plenty of clinical experience looking after my mother.
    I am writing MCAT in april. I am confident that i will get 26 or 27 atleast.
    I am very commited to becoming a DO, my goal was strengthen
    further with my mothers ilness.
    I know my undergraduate GPA is shaky, but the unfortunate circumstances lead
    to that result.

    I am very interested in your input on my situation. Should i apply, or am i
    just dreaming?
    I thank you for reading my email, i look forward to your responses.

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    Jan 28, 2001
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    All you can do is try so go for it!!!!!! Take the MCAT and see where you are. I actually had to take it twice to get a 26 so my advice is study and practice the exams as much as you can. Once you feel you've practiced enough, do it some more!!
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    Feb 20, 2001
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    I would say take a prep course for the MCAT before you test!!!I took Kaplan and it did wonders from the scores I got the first day of the class! Take the MCAT do your best! I got a 24 and my gpa was about 3.3-3.4 and I got into 7 DO schools so its not impossible!you have the clinical or more so life experience that DO schools look for play it up in your personal statement to the point that they want to meet you and charm them at your interviews DO schools look for a different kind of person then MD schools and don't waste your money applying to the MD schools I applied to 11 and got one interview..very tough..focus is grades.

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