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Opinions on a university associated pre-med association?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Joy_Luck, Sep 26, 2000.

  1. Joy_Luck

    Joy_Luck Junior Member
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    Sep 24, 2000
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    My university has only been open for a few years, and does not have an established "pre-med" program or advisors at this point in time. It has been suggested by a former professor that I should take on the task of starting a pre-med club. Starting clubs at my school is the primary way that the students here supplement their own college experience with things that are usually found at other schools (ie, a baseball or basketball club in lieu of the missing varsity sports here).

    My question is this: What would you want a pre-med club to consist of? I was thinking along the lines of providing guidance to other aspiring pre-meds, maybe raising money to have med-school advisors visit, or raising money to visit medical centers at other schools...We don't have a pre-med committee like I've read about in other posts (I don't even know what a committee like that would do?) but would it be a good idea to maybe try and set the foundations of something that would perform similar tasks with this club? Any opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated! I hope to get the paperwork and red tape for the club completed by the end of the semester.

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