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opinions on AAMC 5R


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Jul 13, 2002
dallas, tx
    hey guys. first, just wanted to wish everyone good luck on the upcoming exam. i cannot even to describe the madness that will take place on the night of the 16th.

    anyways, wanted to get some feedback on what others thought about AAMC 5R...

    i felt like bio seemed fair, the physical felt a bit on the easy side, and verbal was pretty hard (whats up with the page-long passage?!?!?)

    did anyone else find physical to be on the easy side? ive spent all summer going over g-chem and physics, and for once felt as if the hard work paid off...now however, i'm hearing that 5R PS is in fact easier than the others.

    wanted some feedback as to what others thought about this..(esp. compared when to 3R,4R, and 6R)

    also, is anyone starting to have really weird mcat related dreams? like...when you fall asleep after studying for a while...only to dream about the stuff you just learned. and in the morning. you're confused because you confused yourself during your dream. ?!?:mad:

    lil pook

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    Aug 1, 2002
      How about this. Instead of thinking about the MCAT stuff you just learned before you fall asleep, why don't you imagine yourself partying uncontrollably like you'll be doing that night on the 16th.

      This way you'll be dreaming about getting wasted instead!!!!
      You'll wake up feeling renewed and vigorous and ready to tackle another dreaded day filled with nothing but review material and practice tests. Life is good.:cool:


      Explaining "Post-Call"
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      Jan 6, 2003
      1. Attending Physician
        I also thought PS on VR was relatively easy...but unfortunately, so did a lot of other people, because my PS score on VR was the same as IVR and within 1 point of my last 4 Kaplan full-length scores.

        So I would say that the scaled score is probably still accurate.
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        7+ Year Member
        15+ Year Member
        Nov 27, 2002
          I thought verbal was a lot easier, physical the same, and bio harder (than PR diagnostic exams). I have yet to take 6R. How accurate are the scales? My score jumped up 10 points from where I was on the PR tests, so I was kind of surprised. I'm anxious to take 6R and see how it goes.
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