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Feb 17, 2014
I wanted to see if you guys had any input on my LoR situation. Currently, I am a 2018 applicant, a few days away from verification as I had submitted my primary on July 24. I have been out of school for 3 years now, and during my process of trying to obtain LoR's, I was only able to receive 1 from a science professor, and 1 from a non-science professor. I also have 1 letter of recommendation from the physician who I have been working as a medical assistant for, and he is associated with a medical college, and I was considering adding in a fourth LoR from the clinic's office manager.

However, I understand that most schools require 2 LoRs from science professors, and 1 from a non-science professor. I am gearing up to write/call the schools I have applied to in order to ask if they would be able to waive the requirement as I am non-traditional. My undergraduate school does have a committee which offers letters for alumni, but I opted to get individual letters as I strongly felt that individual letters would better illustrate my strengths. I understand that I will need to explain this, and was wondering if that was going to be a strong enough of a reason.

Do you guys have any advice on what I should do?
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