Opinions on my chances of getting accepted to medical school


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Sep 8, 2002
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I have a questions concerning application to medical school, I have a 27 on my MCATs 7-9-O-11, which I am planning to take again this coming April as my verbal is low, a 3.70 overall in my undergraduate major of biology with a 3.62 science/math GPA. I was also a graduate student in Biology overall average 3.41, receiving three B's and an F in my thesis reasearch due to a misunderstanding with my thesis advisor over my research that has not, and possibly might not be resolved. Also in my second semester of freshman general chemistry, I got a C, but in the second year of my graduate program I took a senior level undergraduate inorganic chemistry in which I got a B-, similar to the B I got for my first semester in my freshman general chemistry class. I would very much like to enter the field of medicine, and the majority of my undergraduate work I believe does demonstrate my capacity, along with my other masters classes that were objectively graded, compared to my thesis which was subjective to the professor with no oversight, but I am concerned that these grades, especially that F could keep me out of medical school once I submit my application. Below is a link to a copy of my grad and undergrad transcripts, to give you the overall picture of my academic performance. Any feedback regarding this situation or anything else of interest on my transcript would be greatly apprecaited. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you.




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Sep 6, 2002
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I checked out your transcripts, and I think that you are a good candidate for admission. Ofcourse I am no ad comm member or anything, but I can tell you that I personally know one. The prof that worked with us in my research lab was an ad comm member for the UCI MSTP program. He would talk to me about actual students that were interviewing to help me understand the process. One time, he showed me a transcript. The student had two Fs and three Ds during the first 2 years. The student had re-done the classes however, and scored higher. Total GPA was 3.4 which is pretty low for an MD/PhD program, MCAT 33. But the student had above average LORs and had a great interview. He was natural and showed real dedication. He also had good ECs but nothing spectacular. He got a great rec from the prof, and was later offered admission. It is important that you show dedication, which I think that you did show with your scores, they are almost all As! Just make sure to work on the MCAT. Study like mad because at your point you really need to do better than last time. Don't give up! A few months of sacrifice now and you'll be in med school soon. Apply to schools that look for overall progress rather than general score (usually private schools do this). And have a great explanation for the F with the thesis work. Maybe even writing a letter to clarify would be good, and getting the prof to co-sign it would be even better. Good luck!


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Jan 18, 2001
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Unfortunately, nobody can accurately predict your chances of being accepted into medical school. Right now, about half of all applicants are admitted, so your chance of acceptance is at least somewhere between 0 and 50 percent (and I don't think it is zero). If you really want to study medicine, apply to medical school regardless of what your chances are (since your chances are not zero). It is the only way to find out.
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Apr 30, 2002
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Ah, you forgot the most important criteria. What is your race?

URM: Around 90%
non URM: Around 20-50% (that F from the research project will definitely hurt you if you can't explain it off well)
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