Opinions on Princeton Review's "Cracking the DAT" prep book?


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Oct 2, 2015
Thread title basically says it all. Has anyone used this prep book to study for the DAT? It seems like Cracking the DAT and Kaplan's book are the only 2 dedicated, all-inclusive prep books for the DAT, but Kaplan's books are known to be very wordy and long-winded. So has anyone used PR's Cracking the DAT as their sole study guide for the DAT?

(note: "Cracking the DAT" is not the same thing as the product called "Crack the DAT")
Sep 5, 2016
To be honest, I don't know much about those materials. They like to say they're "all-inclusive," but I certainly wouldn't use only one resource when studying for the DAT. A really solid combo is Cliffs AP-Bio 3ed, DAT Bootcamp, Chads Videos, and DAT+Math Destroyer. I know you probably want to keep down costs, but the most efficient way is to do it right the first time, and it's still much cheaper than a prep course. Hope this helps!