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Mar 5, 2007
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Hey guys, Im getting ready to start doing my practice tests, and I have taken TBR so I have about 9 of their practice tests

However I'm not sure if I should spend my time doing those, or spend another $300 bucks on the AMCAS tests and just do those. Honestly I'm fine with spending the extra money, it doesnt matter for me as long as I get the best prep possible.

I'm taking the test Jan 30, so should I buy all the AMCAS (or any particular ones you guys recommend) and just do those, or should I just do TBR ones

I'm pretty sure I cant do 20 tests within this time (Maybe I'm wrong, have any of you done it?) so I want to know which ones you guys thought were the best to concentrate on


Marjan Islam

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Oct 26, 2008
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Well, at this point, I'm assuming you're comfortable with all the review, so go ahead and start taking the TBR practice tests. I don't know too much about their tests, I'm doing their review books now and am liking them. I def. suggest buying atleast a few AMCAS tests (particularly 9 and 10 I heard were very close to what's tested now a days). If money really isn't a problem, def. go buy all the AMCAS and do those first (just to make sure you DO finish the tests in time before Jan. 30th). 8 AMCAS tests is better than 4 TBR and 4 AMCAS.


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Feb 26, 2007
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I took the TBR, and I took every single practice from both TBR and AMCAS. I had a wide range of scores for TBR but the AMCAS average from 3-10 nailed what I got, which is a 33. I was hoping I could have scored higher since I was getting some 37-38 on a couple TBR and a 36-37 on some AMCAS. But average AMCAS was the most accurate predictor for me.


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Nov 24, 2008
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I've just started my review with BR and I love their books so far. I feel like they teach you how to think your way through the material and the test tricks they teach.

When it comes to CBTs, I've only done the PS section on their first exam so I can't tell you about their scale. But I felt it was really helpful to take the test and review it right afterwards. I learned some great ideas about how to answer questions when I read the explanations. Just from what you'll learn about taking the test I think it's a good idea to do their exams. My plan is to do all nine of their CBTs and all of their review exams and then take about three AAMC exams.
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