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Discussion in 'Anesthesiology' started by STsleeper, Dec 14, 2005.

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    I'm getting set to make a trek through the California schools and I would seriously like to slim the list down a bit. My knowledge of these programs is limited to postings on scutwork and each program's website. What are your opinions in regards to reputation, strengths, after-training marketability, etc etc. I know that personal fit is most important, but I don't think I can visit each of these schools to assess "goodness of fit" given some scheduling constraints. Any information that might help me narrow this list would be VERY appreciated.

    Loma Linda
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    you can chk out my earlier reply on USC. i've interviewed at all the places you mentioned except for ucla-harbor. as far as the others, i'd say davis is the top program as far as reputation & resident happiness. davis is in sacramento which can be a negative, but for me, i love skiing (tahoe only 2 hrs away), so it's up at the top of my list. residents seem extremely happy with the program and they don't get worked like crazy.

    loma linda is probably the next best program imo. lot of great training, peds attending is nationally known, great case load. hospital is a bit strange with 7th day adventist tag, but doesn't seem to affect residents.

    uc irvine is a decent program. personally, the OC sucks which knocks it down a few notches. residents i met weren't as happy as other programs. worked hard, case load wasn't as extensive. TONS of spanish/vietnamese patients, makes it harder if you can't speak the languages.

    that's my 2cents. i'd say visit davis for sure since it's up north. go to loma linda for sure if u're gonna make the trip to socal, and then maybe uc irvine.

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