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Feb 10, 2011
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I posted here once before, but I've been working hard to improve my chances so I'd like an updated opinion. Some of this info might seem ambiguous but I'm trying to maintain some semblance of anonymity and it's hard to articulate some of it and still be concise. I'll be applying this summer. Thanks!

-cGPA: 3.40, sGPA: 3.27
-MCAT: 34T (PS 10, VR 10, BS 14)
-HYP graduate
-upward grade trend since junior year, including 4.0 in upper div sciences classes during informal post bacc. Front loaded lots of BCPM classes my fresh/soph years.
-Medical scribe working with family practice MD and internal medicine MD
-16-24hrs/week work during and after college
-3 semesters of research, both clinical and laboratory
-200+ ongoing volunteer hours in a trauma center and free health clinic
-50+ ongoing physician shadowing hours (peds, ortho, plastic surgeon, EP, gen surgery)
-summer public health internship
-long-term non medical community service with the underserved
-ample leadership experience
-strong letters of rec from well-known faculty and extracurricular activities
-first person in family to attend college
-CA resident

You definitely have a chance. It will be critical for you to apply early and very broadly to improve your odds. That means you apply to a few reach schools but have no shame in applying to some of the lower-tier schools either.

Your MCAT score is strong, and I think your cGPA is good enough to be given consideration. Your sGPA is on the lower side, which actually is quite normal and if you look at the numbers, med schools historically have accepted a wider range of sGPA's because those classes can be tough. Your EC's look very strong too. You also say that you are "disadvantaged" which will go in your favor, and I'm assuming that you have looked into what specifics constitute "disadvantaged status".

Your upward trend will definitely score you huge points. Just make sure to include in your personal statement a sufficient explanation for why you got off to a slow start.

The only thing that doesn't seem to work in your favor is being a CA resident, because the UC's are just Nazi's, even for people who have 4.0's and 36's on the MCAT. But I think you can definitely land some interviews and give yourself the opportunity to showcase all of your attributes and get into a school somewhere.

People will throw all sorts of numbers and say to you that with your grades, you have a X% chance of getting into medical school. Well, that data is combined with information from all US medical schools, including Harvard, Stanford, and Hopkins, schools that are notoriously selective. If you apply broadly you will significantly improve your chances.

Best of luck!