Opportunities And Growth In Business World

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Apr 24, 2008
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Hi guys,
So there are many of us who are thinking/joining the other world of business.I have done extensive web search of Wharton,Harvard and so on. Life is really good during the business school. If you ere from right school the starting package is really good. Any one who enjoys challenges should like the business life. BUT..........................
What type of opportunities are avilable for a medico ?Forget the hospital administration one ,they can never pay like industry.
Do we stand any chance in consulting,finance and pharma?
Any one knows if medicos really grow in heirarchy in business like pharma and consulting?
Though many docs meke more money you can't neglect the indemnity premiums,law suits and long number of years to establish in practice.I think one can advance much in business in those years.
lets discuss the opportunities after business school and the growth a medico can attain..............................