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Nov 18, 2003
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It has been frustrating trying to find some local DOs that will return my call or that will be of any assistance in allowing one to shadow. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Col Jeff Johnson who is in charge of the residency program at WAMC (Ft. Bragg). He returned my call within a few days of leaving a message and passed on my info on to a female military DO who just returned back from Iraq. He wanted me to make sure I called him if I didn't hear from her in a week. I was very excited to have him return my call. His assistance in putting me in contact with someone that I can talk to about my pursuit in becoming a military DO says a lot about his character. He thought that the DO contact would be very helpful in relaying her own recent experiences in Iraq and her experiences of being a female DO in the military. Col Johnson stated he had many DOs on his staff. It was so nice for him to take the time out and return my call. For those who are interested, I will keep you updated on my meeting or shadow experience.
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