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How's the Admission process work? How can one become an optometrist? What are the steps to become one? What are the averages for GPA anD OAT? And thanks ahead for your responses


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Jun 15, 2001
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Try going to show all topics on this thread. You'll be able to find all the answers to your questions.


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You probably can find answers to your questions in old threads, but I can answer some of them.

Most schools admission processes work this way. Print out an application to any of the 17 schools online (or call them to mail you one). OD schools don't have centralized admissions organizations like AMCAS, etc. You have to apply seperately for each school.

The avergage GPA I believe is 3.3 - 3.4, but it is higher for some schools. (UAB and Berkeley being the two that come to mind immediately)

The average OAT is usually around 330. (for acceptance) the OAT is scaled to have 300 be the average score.

The steps to becoming on optometrist are:
1. get a degree and fill your OD school pre-reqs
2. apply
3. gain admission
4. pass your classes
5 pass national and state board exams (differs from state to state)
6. get your OD degree

Hope this helps. For more info you can go the ASCO wepage at

American Schools and Colleges of Optometry Web Page

Good luck! :D
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