Options for Army wives ie Capella/Walden etcetc

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    Hi there - am new here and found this site googling options for Psyd/PhD on line. I'm sort of a captive audience being a military spouse which is why I'm (very reluctantly) taking a look at on-line PhDs....Additionally, I'm over forty and am wondering what, realistically, my chances would be getting into a brick and mortar school were I even in place long enough in any one state.

    At the moment I'm in Ft hood, Texas, but will be returning to Germany in about 8 months...after another two years we'll be back - somewhere - in the states. I've managed to get my BA and MA in Counseling through UMUC and Bowie's European Division, as well as complete a 1500 internship at a military hospital overseas (PTSD clients/active duty).

    Folks....I can't foresee any other options other than Capella/Walden at this point...even Fielding seems out of the question as it requires about 6-8 trips to CA per year. I've read alot of your threads and really appreciate this site and all the input shown: what, at the end of the day, would be less a waste of money - Capella or Walden? Which might give me the best chance at licensure? Both are accredited in some form or fashion though not via APA...of the two schools, which accreditation is more "legit"...or does it boil down to six of one and half a dozen of the other?

    Any input on this would be helpful, thanks :)
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