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Jul 20, 2007
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It seems that there is a standard format/template for every single questions in the ward. Today, a doctor told me that I have to address "DAVID" "Diet, Activity, Vital, Investigation, Drugs" if I was asked "What is your treatment for this patient" It just seems that these "formats" are not written anywhere.

If someone ask,
"What is your approach for XXX?"
"What is your management for XXX?"
"How do you summarize your physical exam?" (obviously that is more that just clinical findings)"

What would you say? Anyone can kindly give a template or example for these questions?


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Nov 30, 2008
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your question gets at one of my major frustrations through medical school. each attending, each service, each field has a different style for how it *has* to be done. you will see and hear many different styles for how to address each of the questions you listed. there is no *right* way. it will be up to you to pick and choose (or come up with your own) which you will adopt as your "official" style.

that said, whatever style you choose, or even if you don't have one, you can't go wrong by focusing on pertinent positives and negatives. if you will be doing something, say it. if you aren't doing something but maybe you should be, mention that as well. if you leave small details that are readily apparent to you as pertinent, they will be asked about, so don't sweat it.

i guess it all comes down to time and experience. eventually you will develop your own system of organization for these things. but, there is *no one* right way.
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