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Apr 21, 2016
Hi everyone,
I am currently applying to dental schools this cycle, but I was considering looking into specialties, and I had some questions about OMFS. To work in a hospital as an OMFS (say in trauma center, oncology, or facial cosmetics), do we need to do a fellowship that concentrates in one of these areas after the 6-year residency/med-school program? Or can we work in a hospital setting just after the residency program?

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Feb 18, 2009
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The very nature of OMFS for non-dentoalveolar procedures is hospital based. You can work in a hospital-based practice managing trauma, orthognathics, TMJ, infections, etc. as part of the normal scope of OMFS

For the three sub-specialities you listed one would generally pursue post-residency fellowship training, which would allow you to (theoretically) be credentialed in oncology, cosmetics, etc at a given hospital.
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