orascoptic dental loupes, ttl, hires, 2.5x, tortoise

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Nov 7, 2010
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I am selling my dental loupes:

orascoptic (HE1T2L-X-RPZFTO-OR; hires elliptic ttl xlong rudy flex tortoise-or)

I have only used them for 1 month (bought in february 2010), they are as brand new! no scratches! They obviously come with the box, instruments, booklets. The company told me that they could be adjusted for another person if needed, for a reasonable price (you'll have to check upon that). My teachers strongly recommended me this model as it is one of the best on the market! It's very important to have good quality, you will be using them a lot! This is an investment for the next 20 years (my profs still use their loupes that they bought 20 or more years ago)!

They cost me 1500$CAN, I am selling them for 1100$CAN, that's saving 400$ on loupes that look absolutely brand new!

e-mail me if you are interested: [email protected]


N.B. I am selling them because I have left dental for medicine.