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Jun 24, 2006
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Hey guys,

Iam planning to take DAT by 3 rd of week of August. Iam preparing very hard for Gen Chem and Biology. And i just finished Organic-II class with a "AB" grade.(summer course). Regarding Gen Chem i dont have much of a problem bcoz i appeared for CLEP exam 2 weeks back (just for practice) and i scored very high. And biology i found a study guide on this forum. So i made flash cards for each and every question and iam studying them like every 3 hr. Lol! i carry it even in washroom. I know my bio know. But the problem is with Orgo. i know all major reactions and structures. I have good foundation as i finished it today. But i dont know the pattern of Orgo questions. Can anyone plzz upload a study guide or give me some directions on how to study for Orgo. Plzzz. iam not used to this Multiple choice questiosn stuff. Plzzz.

And regarding PAT, is practicing Top Score and Achiever and Kaplan more than enough or you guys thing i shud do more practice.

I have already set a goal for my self. iam a pre-podiatry student and i dont need like a 23 or 24. i wanna get something in between 19-21 to get in Pod School. thats more than enough for me.

Thank You


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Jun 14, 2006
use your kaplan orgo material and if you dont understand HOW the reactions happens, understand the mechanism by looking it up in your orgo txt book. If you understand the mechanisms it is so much easier to predict products and you can make educated guesses if necessary. The problem i had with kaplan was that they mainly only said that for examaple is x reacts with y, z is formed. But i think its very important to show why/how it forms and this will make you a better orgo person. i got a 23 in orgo on my dats so this works.
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