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Discussion in 'Dental Residents and Practicing Dentists' started by Tony Parker, May 12, 2008.

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    Have a general question for anyone that might have any info. I've been out of dental school for 3 years doing GP. I want to change things up and do ortho so I'm applying for residency I think I have the stuff to make it, hopefully. But since I graduated I've been working with one of these large dental chain companies like Western/Gentle Dental/Newport Dental. I see the ortho guys the company rotates through my clinic and like another 3-4 clinics they visit. When I finish my training I think I would want to work for a chain company for 1-2 years max just for the high case loads and getting alot of experience really fast like I've been getting doing general dentistry for them. I was wondering what the typical pay for these positions in ortho based on 5 days work schedule, I would ask the guys I see but I feel a little uncomfortable asking them about their pay directly. I've seen ranges listed from $150K-$500 for full time work. Huge difference in this range not sure why, I'm trying to get figures for Dental Clinic chains not private practice. I work 3.5 days doing GP for these dental clinic chains and I'm on pace to make around $210K for the year. I would be kinda of bummed going back to school and finding out I'm making less money than I did as a GP. I thought these guys were pulling down like $300K minimum. I plan to stay on the west coast like WA, OR, CA, Nevada, Arizona. If anyone can help please drop some knowledge, thanx!
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    You won’t regret doing 2-3 more years of ortho residency.You can send me a private message if you want to know more about the ortho salary.

    I would have left Newport Dental a long time ago if they didn’t pay me well. I’ve worked for Newport Dental as an associate orthodontist for almost 7 years. I also worked for Western Dental and SmileCare in the past. Orthodontics is a very low stress job…it doesn’t really matter where you work: a small private office or a large chain office. Chain offices usually pay more.

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