Aug 12, 2015
An opportunity Orthodontists only dream about! Private practice environment with both a built in referral base of business and a community referral base of business. Enjoy the ability to better balance delivering quality orthodontics with an exceptional guarantee income with bonus structures to enhance the relationship. Enjoy a high quality of life only the active Northern Wisconsin area can offer. Exceptional group to be part of and an ideal long term Associate opportunity. Practice focuses on quality patient care and quality of work first and foremost. Service to the families and the communities we serve is second to none!

Calling all Orthodontists, we welcome you to take a look at this unparalleled opportunity for a great financially secure career future.

· Excellent Guarantee salary (experience level)
· Potential for sign on bonus
· Health insurance paid for you and available for family
· Dues and licensure paid, including DEA license
· 4 week’s paid vacation/CE
· CE paid $3000
· 4 ½ day work week or less if you elect

Email your resume to our HR Manager, [email protected]
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