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    Hi there,

    This post may not be like the other ones in this forum, but I would greatly appreciate any sort of feedback or suggestions as to where else I may find much needed answers.

    Thank you for your time in reading this. I have been worried about the results of my recent elbow surgery and am eager to receive additional opinions on the outcome.

    On May 18 last month, I slipped and fell from a ladder onto concrete 12 feet below, and fractured my right elbow. The break went through the entire bone of the forearm, near my elbow. From the x-rays, the gap was 3mm, which the surgeon said was a borderline situation for leaving it in a cast to heal on its own, or ideally, performing surgery to place a pin in the bone. I decided on surgery, but because of insurance issues, the operation was not performed until June 6, about 3 weeks after the date of injury. Up until then my right arm was immobilized in a cast.

    Following the operation, the surgeon said the pin had successfully bridged the gap in the fracture and there was no longer any gap.

    A couple days ago, I went in for a follow-up to get x-rays, 10 days post-op. Shockingly, the gap had re-appeared with the pin still in place! It was back to 3mm, or almost even bigger 4mm.

    I was disappointed and inquired about this. The surgeon said that the gap would ‘fill-in’ after several weeks.

    Did I go through a pointless operation just to get a pin placed in my elbow without successfully closing the gap in the fracture?

    Is the re-appearance of the gap a common post-op result?

    Will the gap, in fact, fill-in?

    I know the pin adds much needed stability, but should I have expected the surgeon to successfully close this gap without a problem?

    What do you recommend I do as a next step?

    Thank you so much for your advice,

    Jeff Y.

    26yo male
    San Francisco, CA
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    Hey dude,

    Sorry to tell you but I'm pretty sure, in these forums, we arent allowed to comment on stuff like that. Talk to you personal doctor and if you really want, just get a second opinion. Hope your elbow gets better!

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