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mentally challenged
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Sep 18, 2005
A strange new world
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  1. Pre-Medical
Anyone have any feedback they care to share on the following?

Geisinger - Pennsylvania
Sparrow - Michigan
Genesys - Michigan
Doctors - Ohio
Botsford - Michigan
South point - Ohio
Garden City - Michigan

Thanks :)


Clerkship Director
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Sep 19, 2006
Huntington Woods
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  1. Attending Physician
Each year we take anywhere between 5-8 IM residents. As a 300 bed osteopathic hospital the IM residents are the key component of daily care. There are 5 different IM teaching services that residents help oversee with the attending physicians. The senior residnents on service help organize rounds and are in charge of managing the "list" to prepare for rounds with the attendings. Botsford residents usually do quite well on inservice exams when compared to other programs, typically in the top 3 programs. If you have any specific questions( rotations, call etc...) I would be more then happy to answer them or even direct you to the IM program director here at Botsford

kevin frankel DO, FAAFP
Physican Director of Clerkship
Botsford Hospital
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