OU-HCOM Cleveland Campus vs DMU


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Feb 10, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    Both are top ranked programs, and I am having a hard time deciding, but are there any major reasons why I shouldn't go to OU-HCOm Cleveland?

    OU-HCOM Cleveland:

    -I am a Cleveland native with my family still there.
    -Much cheaper at 32k a year
    -Possibility for scholarships since I have stayed in Ohio for all of my schooling.
    -School literally built into a Cleveland Clinic hospital
    -All rotation sites at Cleveland Clinic locations
    -Brand new school
    -Am able to continue research with physician mentors and service projects I have been previously involved in.

    -Brand new branch campus with one graduated class.
    -Doesn't allow me to travel a bit during school.
    -Mandatory attendance and flipped classroom model
    -Doesn't have resources of main campus
    -Stuck in Ohio (sarcasm but also not)


    -Well established program
    -Consistent track record
    -Graded ( possible step up with step going pass fail)
    -Great match lists (for a do school)
    -Incredibly friendly staff and students
    -In general I can't find anyone who has egregious complaints with the school.

    -55k a year w/ no benefit of being in state
    -Graded and all the stress that comes with it ontop of learning the content (I don't expect to be top 10%, so grades may not help help me tremendously)
    -Moving further into the Midwest without being in Chicago.
    -No guarantee of where clinical rotation sites take place (hotspots in Wisconsin, Des Moines, Chicago, Texas are all preferred, rural are not preferred)
    -No guarantee of year long sites (40/220 are not)

    Life goals:
    Some form of internal medicine physician. Looking into cardiology currently, would love to move to Chicago permanately. Interests in urban medicine.

    Overall Evaluation:
    I am leaning towards OU-HCOM Cleveland for the rotation sites and cost. My main concerns though are with the new nature of the school and not getting to move to a different part of the country during med school and the non-main campus nature of it.

    Is my evaluation correct? What do you guys think?

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    Feb 21, 2018
    1. Pre-Medical
      If I were in your shoes I would happily go to OUHCOM. As you said, built within the Cleveland Clinic (I.e. access to well-known mentors, research, excellent clinical exposure), P/F, cheaper, more things to do in Cleveland etc.

      DMU is a great DO school, but state-funded DO schools with their own residencies in various specialties are a league above.
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