Overwhelmed....Can anyone critique/provide guidance on my current study plan? Using multiple resources AND multiple Anki decks?


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Mar 6, 2016
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Still trying to figure out how to tackle step 1 studying....would the following be ok?
  1. Run through all of Boards and Beyond videos and then use LIGHTYEAR anki deck which is specifically based on the videos
  2. Sketchy micro and pharm + PEPPER anki deck
  3. Pathoma for Pathology and find the relevant info Pathoma tagged cards in either ANKING or DUKE
Is this doable?? Am I missing something here? I'm still new to this and pretty overwhelmed with even setting up a study plan due to multiple resources and anki decks.

Edit: I'm an M2 and taking it probably May/June


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Jun 23, 2012
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No need to do both Lightyear and Anking, plus it would practically be impossible. Stick with finishing anking. Boards and beyond, while not direct, can still help give context to many anking cards. If you’re just starting anking now, do the math on total number of cards divided by number of days until your exam and that’s how many new cards you will have to do per day
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