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Ozimed Des O'Neill Medprep Griffith PassGamsat EXCLUSIVE USED GAMSAT MATERIALS S

Discussion in 'For Sale and Advertisements' started by drprog37, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. drprog37

    Dec 20, 2008
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    Medical Student
    2007 1-10 Ozimed tests with answers. Unused, very clean, no marks or notes. Value: $275 for $180.

    PassGamsat 2008. Humanities (Section I) +Essays (Section II)+ Science (Section III) Value $165. Less than half for $80

    Des O'Neill's Science Course 2007. Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology. Science topics explained in detail. Sample questions with worked out solutions + 134 Gamsat Style Multiple Choice Questions with solutions. Value: $450. Less than half for $200.

    GriffithÂ’s Review Value $65 less than half for $30

    Des O'Neill's Writing Better Essays Course 2008. Over 25 sample essays with markerÂ’s appraisals. Value: $210. Less than half for $100.

    2007 Medprep Course Classic. More than 1000 pages of material for all 3 sections of Gamsat. Concepts explained in detail. Sample questions and tests with solutions. 1 month rapid study plan. Two simulated full-length Medprep Gamsat tests with answers. Unmarked/unused. Value: $598 for $310

    Postage: $50 maximum within Australia. $150 maximum overseas destinations.

    Payment: Bank Transfer/Branch Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer or Paypal.

    All materials are in unused/like-new condition.

    Email me [email protected] for queries and offers.

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