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Aug 21, 2001
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Hey All,

I'm a pre-med working in Cardiac Rehab. While looking into med school, I did the whole M.D. v. PA thing. One aspect of the PA profession that kind of suprised me was that you see PA's all over in the South (I'm from Texas), but not many (or so it seems) here in the Midwest. I want to stay here geographically, but can't see spending $50k on two years of education with no aspect of finding a job here.

Are there any PA's or persons who have looked into PA school more extensively than I have who have some feedback for me?

Thanks, :rolleyes:


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Aug 26, 2001
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which states do you consider to be in the midwest? I have noticed that most of thge jobs in the center of the country tend to be surgical subspecialty(ortho or ct). the mayo clinic has lots of these jobs and they have several locations throughout the's are used most effectively on the east coast and/or in govt. service and with variable success on the west coast.check out the aapa website in the student section at for a national list of programs. hope that helps-emedpa
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