Jun 24, 2015
Hey guys! This forum actually has been a very big help in the past, and I'm thankful for whoever contributed! I was previously on a DO route, but change to a PA route because it matches me more.

My question : "How many hours of Medical Scribing should I do before applying?"

I'm going to keep some things a bit vague so that I don't have to edit this post later...Also, I wrote the hours of each activity, but note that NONE of them are HCE besides for Scribing!....(so basically, hours are pointless)

Here are my stats:
I'm 23
3.3 GPA, science major.
Coached for sport as a main job while studying and doing all this. [4+ years]
Volunteer Research Assistant in Neuro lab (With name on published paper). I had very important roles in this lab [400 hours]
Volunteer Research Assistant in Anthropology lab. [100 hours]
Volunteer in ED, mostly clerical work. [150 hours]
Shadow PA in ED [20 hours]
Shadow PA in Pediatrics [20 hours]
Shadow PA in Surgery [20 hours]
*Note: these are the 3 different PA routes that I was interested in, so it was all planned! >:)
Scribing [???? hours] <----This is pretty much my only HCE!!!

Recommendation letters are from (MD, MD, PA). All of whom have had a great experience working alongside me.

So...How many hours of scribing do you guys think I should get before I apply? Should I give it a shot at 500? wait till 1000? maybe I only have a shot at 2000? 3000?

Appreciate the read!