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I would like people's opinion on three programs that my sister was accepted into:

Chatam (Pennsylvania)
Hahnemann (Pennsylvania)
Esses (Maryland)

I would appreciate the pros and cons.



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Aug 26, 2001
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I can only offer an opinion on hahnemann as I am a grad of that program. I have not heard of the others(which should tell you something...)
hahnemann is considered to be a top level program.it has been around for over 30 years at this point. when I was there it was considered #2 overall behind duke.the curriculum allows enough flexibility that you can specialize within the general curriculum. there are no electives per se but they have over 50 sites for each required rotation.for instance if you were interested in peds, you could do your surgery rotation in pediatric surgery. if you want er, you could do trauma surgery, etc. going to hahnemann looks great when applying for jobs. it is like attending med school at stanford or hopkins in terms of prestige. best of luck whatever you decide-e
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