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Dec 8, 2008
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On Dec 1st I was accepted to Pacific and Nova!!! :p To add to the confusion, I just got a call from MUSC and was accepted!!! :) I am a Florida resident and I was on the UF alternate list last year (it was the only school I applied to last year and I applied the very last day(Nov 30)). This year I applied in September to all four schools and UF contacted me for an interview Dec 1st.

Weather is important to me, not sure about the "London of the West" San Francisco. :eek:

If I get into UF, I will go there because of cost and proximity to my family. (Both very important factors)

What should I do now? Which school should I put a deposit on until I hear one way or the other from UF?

Pacific vs Nova vs MUSC vs January UF Interview????? :cool:


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Sep 6, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
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Not exactly, yesterday MUSC added into the decision and add that I am Florida resident.

Interview at UF for sure then, that's a no brainer. If you have to, pick a school and put a deposit down on it. If you get in at UF, then you'll end up on top, even if you lose your deposit.
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