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Nov 25, 2004
Sorry guys, but I ve to ask this here.

What are the symptoms of PAD? Does the person get cramps in the legs? Is he not able to walk? Does it signify bad circulation in the leg and thus an heart attack?

My dad was joggin the other day, and I think that might be the reason why he has cramps in his leg. He had high blood pressure the last time he checked (with his own instrument). and he thinks that the cramps are due to atherosclerosis.

Its irritating the hell out of my that he wont go to the doctor and make the diagnosis himself. He has zero knowledge aboutmedicine and looks up stuff on random websites.
If looking up stuff would make people doctors, I donno if people would need to go to med school at all. I hate this because when he tells me mom all this nonsense, she ll freak out too and I really dont wanna spoil her health for nothing at all.
I hate this~ Sorry its a rant.
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