Pain Fellowship Openings & Practicing Pain

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Aug 4, 2002
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I am wondering if anyone knows of any last minute Pain Fellowship openings for this July 2010 or Jan 2011. I am interested in ACGME accredited Pain Fellowships. Given the fact it is June already, I really doubt if there are any openings starting in July but things change. You can PM if you like!

Secondly how hard is it to start a solo Pain Practice in a large suburban area? Recruit Patients and get doctors to refer patients to you. While I was in residency, I saw a lot of Pain fellows graduating and taking up jobs where they were doing Anesthesia only. The few that would take up Pain jobs, would end up being Needle Jocks for Spine Group (Multidisciplinary Groups). I am not sure how much independence it gives you if you are the Needle Jock for a big spine group. I am just trying to figure out if I should do an additional year of training to end up doing what I am doing now (Anesthesia). And if Pain Management will give me more autonomy and a great job satisfaction.

I was wondering if people who have started their solo pain practice can comment and also people who did Pain Fellowship and are now practicing Anesthesia only.



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May 31, 2001
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i would post there. unfortunately, most anesthesia folks don't really know what a "good" pain physician does (just like no one really knows or appreciates what anesthesiologists do). in addition, most really dislike any prolonged interaction with patients. there is also an undertone of contempt (perhaps, judgment for "abandoning" our primary specialty or of our least common denominators).

historically, comments on this forum regarding pain management are dismissive at best and ignorantly condescending at the other extreme.

there is a pain forum which i would search - many of your questions have been answered.